Native Birds

Native birds are commonly seen at the gardens and their choruses are a symphony to behold! At the gardens we get many visits from tūī’s, also known as the parson bird. The tūī is a native New Zealand bird that likes to feed on nectar from harakeke (flax) and kōwhai (native tree with yellow flowers). You’ll find harakeke around the lake and the kōwhai in the New Zealand section. The tūī is a spectacular bird with an unusual and individual sound.

Also common to the gardens are pīwakawaka also known as fantails. Pīwakawaka are native to New Zealand. This bird is known for its great agility. It is not uncommon for pīwakawaka to follow visitors around the garden, delighting with their inquisitive nature.

Another visitor to the Gardens of the World is the korimako also known as the bellbird. The korimako is well known for its dawn chorus which was noted by the early European settlers of New Zealand. The korimako can be found throughout the gardens.

Lately the Gardens of the World have been blessed with a native New Zealand pigeon, also known as kererū. The kererū has a very distinctive sound as it moves through the air.